Youth Development Program 2023, Department of Home Affairs

In order to improve service delivery, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has begun the digitalization process of turning more than 350 million paper records into electronic format. Together with the Department of Employment and Labor, Harambee, and the DA

By recruiting jobless Youth fixed-term contracts to help, Youth Employment Accelerator, a program of the National Pathway Management Network, aims to contribute to the strategic priorities and employment creation goals of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Initiative.

WHO MAY APPLY? (All of this will be confirmed.)

  • South African nationals between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Your credentials must meet the requirements for the position for which you are applying.
  • clean credit history and no criminal history
  • The length of contracts is 36 months.

When applying on, you may find the specific educational criteria for each position on the opportunity cards.

Document Storage Managers (16 Posts),

Runners (240 posts) (240 posts),

Preppers (735 posts) (735 posts),

Re-assemblers (734 posts) (734 posts),

Receiving Clerks (100 posts),

Scanners (125 posts) and Drivers (10 posts) – R5,000 per month

Indexers (1600 posts) – R5,500 per month

Quality Controllers (200 posts) – R6,000 per month

Team Leaders (210 posts) – R6,500 per month

Tech Support (24 posts) – R9,500 per month

Managers (6 posts) – R14,250 per month


Apply Online for the Home Affairs Youth Development Programme


You can reach us

Monday – Friday (9am – 4.30pm):

0800 727272


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