SRD SASSA Payment Dates 2023

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is the government agency responsible for administering social security benefits. The SASSA’s monthly payments schedule is published on its website

1 JUNE2023
1 JUNE2023

SASSA pays on the first of every month, and this month is no different! So if you are paid by SASSA on 1st September, you will receive your payment that day.

2 JUNE2023
2 JUNE2023

This is a Friday and the payment will be made on the same day. The 11am delivery deadline has passed, but we are still working hard to ensure that you receive your money before the end of this week (or next). If everything goes according to plan and your payment arrives as scheduled, don’t worry! We’ll send an email with more information about how everything went down.

5 JUNE2023
SASSA payment dates:

1 JUNE2023
2 JUNE2023
5 JUNE2023
SASSA Payment Dates: The payment dates for SASSA are as follows: *1 JUNE2023, 2 JUNE2023 and 5 JUNE2023.

6 JUNE2023
The following dates are when you should expect to receive your monthly SRD payments from SASSA.

6 JUNE2023
21 JUNE2023
10 JUNE2023
10 JUNE2023
Amount paid: R350
Amount due to be paid: R350
The beneficiary will receive a cash for the amount of R350, which they must deposit with their bank within seven days of receiving it. .

11 JUNE2023
The date for 11 JUNE2023 is 13 JUNE2023.

13 JUNE2023
The first Friday of every month is when you’ll receive your SRD payment.

If you get paid on a Friday, it means that your SRD payment will be paid on the first Friday of the next month (or week). If you don’t get paid on Fridays, then your SRD payment will be processed and paid during the following week.

17 JUNE2023
You’ll receive your payment on the 17th of every month.
The 17th of JUNE2023 is when you’ll get your money.
19 JUNE2023
SASSA pays on the 1st, 3rd and 6th of every month.

SASSA also pays on the 10th, 11th and 13th of every month.

20 JUNE2023
The dates for the payment of the quarterly Srds are as follows:

20 JUNE2023 (this date is subject to change)
23 October 2023 (this date is subject to change)
SASSA payments are made on Fridays, with the exception of 4th Friday in each quarter when no SASSA payment will be made.

24 JUNE2023
The last day of the month is a public holiday in South Africa. On 24 JUNE2023, it will be a Friday and SASSA payments will be made on that day as usual.

25 JUNE2023
The following dates are the SASSA payment dates for September:

25 JUNE2023
26 JUNE2023
27 JUNE2023
27 JUNE2023
The total amount of the SASSA payment will be paid on 27 JUNE2023.

On the last working day of every month, we will make payments to all eligible claimants who have met all eligibility criteria for that month. They will receive their full entitlement for that month by 17:00 EDT (GMT -4).
We also deliver payments directly into your bank account or mobile money wallet between 17:00 EDT (GMT -4) and 23:59 EDT (GMT -4).
These are dates when SASSA pays South Africans.
These are dates when SASSA pays South Africans. They are not necessarily the same as the dates when South Africans can apply for grants, but it’s important to know the difference.

JUNE1: The application window closes at 12 noon on this day, so if you want to submit your application before then and have it approved by then, do so!
JUNE17: The last day that applications will be accepted at this stage (as opposed to being reviewed as they come in). You should still submit your application before this date and hope that it gets reviewed during this week – but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get processed until after that point either!
If you want to know your can check here http://SASSA SRD R350 Online Status Check and payment
We hope that this information has been helpful to you in planning for your next trip. Remember, you can always check our website for live updates on when payments are made and other important announcements!

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